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 Q: Are your berries organic? What are your spray practices?

A: Hoffman Farms Store is a family farming operation and we are dedicated to providing our customers with the highest quality crop possible while maintaining a safe, and clean environment. Food Safety is our highest priority. Each year, our farm participates in a third-party audit conducted by PrimusGFSI, which provides us with GAP/GMP certifications - the highest Food Safety certifications in the produce industry. Although we are not a certified organic farm, we use sustainable farming practices to produce a safe crop. At Hoffman Farms Store, we implement an integrated pest management program (IPM) which includes field scouting, pest control, weed management and bird eradication in the field. As part of our IPM, we apply minimal amounts of crop protectants on an as-needed basis and rarely after the fruit is formed, to ensure a healthy plant, and produce a deliciously safe crop. Our family takes great pride in keeping the environment safe with the decisions we make while producing a high quality crop.

Q: Can I bring my dog/cat/goat to the farm?

A: Our family LOVES pets! However, for food safety reasons, we are unable to accomodate your furry family members -  Please leave them at home when you visit our farm.